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Today I send you my first mineral catalogue of 2018. It contains the new IMA approved minerals Hongheite, Huizingite-(Al) und Protoenstatite.

As well as a range of very rare species such as Alluaivite, Dingdaohengite-(Ce), Fluorwavellite, Formicaite, Khesinite, Middlebackite, Mundite, Perettiite-(Y), Proto-mangani-leakeite, Revdite, Roquesite and others.

From the Paralava Formation on the Durham Ranch / Wyoming comes the next rediscovery, this time with the world's best and only known idiomorphic crystals from Khesinite. From the Alkali Lake in Oregon, there is a sensational discovery of large polyhedral crystals of the organic mineral Formicaite.

A other new find come from the Twin Lake in California, with nice specimens of Hydroxylclinohumite, Geikielite and Ludwigite. Also from California I have nice gemmy orange-brownish Grossulare crystals from a new find near Bishop.

In the Alkaline Pegmatite area of Norra Kärr in Sweden, a new unknown Pegmatite lens was discovered, with the best known Alluaivite crystals besides Rinkite and Eudialyt.

From Germany there are newly examined specimens with Fluorwavellite from Ronneburg, and Wagnerite and Zwieselite from Saxony.


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