Dear mineral collector, 


Today I send you my third mineral catalogue of 2017. It contains  the new IMA approved minerals Alwilkinsite-(Y), Bosoite, Fluorarrojadite-(BaNa), Hjalmarite and Russoite.

As well as a range of very rare species such as Argandite, Bunnoite, Cleusonite, Clinoferrosilite, Grimselite, Innsbruckite, Kannanite, Morimotoite, Paulscherrerite, Turtmannite  and others.

From the Paralava formation in Durham Ranch / Wyoming coming up additional stunning new finds, this time with world class specimens of Clinoferrosilite, Ferroindialite, Indialite and very unusual Cristobalite und Tridymite

From Norway I have outstanding good Hematite crystals on bright greenish-yellow Lizardite matrix. From the Italian Alp mountains coming bright green large Chrome-Omphacite crystals und from a new find in Turkey nice Chrome-Chalcedony. In Slovakia there find the world finest Monohydrocalcite crystals. Very special are the new bright yellow Brucite and orange Triplite crystals from Pakistan.


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